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Why choose RAC Breakdown Cover?

Selecting RAC Breakdown Cover ensures that assistance is available round the clock if your vehicle malfunctions. For as little as £6.95 per month, Basic cover offers comprehensive peace of mind at an affordable price.

Furthermore, with our Extra & Complete cover, you can now enjoy a FREE Battery Replacement^. In the event that your battery fails and cannot be recharged, we will pay for a new battery and its installation costs. Without cover, replacing a battery on average costs £160.

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RAC offers a range of car breakdown cover options to choose from. Our Basic cover includes Roadside Assistance, while Extra and Complete provide additional cover if you need it.

We don’t just cater to cars; our packages are also suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles, motorbikes, and more. If you find yourself out of charge, our award-winning EV Boost vans can offer a 10-mile boost to get you to the nearest charging point.


£6.95 a month

1 additional callout for every person or vehicle added.

If you’re over a ¼ of a mile from home, we’ll fix your vehicle at the roadside and if we can’t, we’ll give you a 10-mile tow.

FREE Battery Replace^


£11.50 a month

1 additional callout for every person or vehicle added.

If you’re over a ¼ of a mile from home, we’ll fix you on the spot and if we can’t, we’ll tow you anywhere in the UK.

If your car can’t be fixed there and then, we’ll tow you and your car anywhere in the UK with our nationwide breakdown cover – so you’ll always get to your destination, no matter how far away you are.

FREE Battery Replace^


£16.50 a month

You can call us out as many times as you need. Just bear in mind repeat callouts for the same fault won’t be covered.

We’ll fix your vehicle at the roadside and if we can’t, we’ll tow you anywhere in the UK.

If your car can’t be fixed there and then, we’ll tow you and your car anywhere in the UK with our nationwide breakdown cover – so you’ll always get to your destination, no matter how far away you are.

We’ll rescue you wherever you break down – at home or out on the road.

Worth up to £55, at selected RAC garages

^For 1 nominated vehicle. Applies to new, personal and single vehicle Extra & Complete cover. Ends 09/05/23, 7am.

Rac Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover explained

What is car breakdown cover?

Car breakdown cover is a service designed to assist you in case your vehicle experiences a breakdown while driving in the UK. This service is especially helpful when you encounter issues like a flat battery or a punctured tyre. With breakdown cover, you can request for assistance and a professional will come to your aid to either repair your vehicle on the spot or tow it to the nearest garage for repairs.

Our company provides car breakdown cover for various types of vehicles, including electric and hybrid cars, motorcycles, and others. We offer different levels of cover to suit your needs, including Basic Roadside Assistance, Extra, and Complete.

What types of breakdown cover are there?

There are different types of breakdown cover available, each providing a specific level of protection for you and your vehicle. The following titles summarize the available options:

  1. Vehicle Cover: This type of breakdown cover provides protection for your vehicle regardless of who is driving. The policy covers up to three vehicles registered to the same address under the same policy and includes both roadside assistance and recovery.

  2. Personal Cover: Personal breakdown cover protects you as a driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle. This policy covers up to five individuals from the same household and includes both roadside assistance and recovery.

Which level of cover is best for me?

When it comes to choosing the right breakdown cover level for you, we offer three options: Basic, Extra, and Complete. While all three include roadside assistance, each level provides different levels of cover. Optional extras, such as Onward Travel, can also be added to your policy. Here are the titles that summarize the main differences between each level:

  1. Basic: Our cheapest option, starting at just £6.95 per month, covers roadside assistance and recovery up to 10 miles. You can call us out up to five times a year, with one additional callout available for each person or vehicle added.

  2. Extra: This level includes everything in Basic, plus national recovery to any destination in the UK, as well as five callouts.

  3. Complete: Our most comprehensive level of cover, Complete includes everything in Extra, plus unlimited callouts, At Home service within 1/4 mile of your home, and a free MOT worth up to £55 at selected RAC garages.

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A Free Car Health Check When You Join

Free car health check when you join

Only with the RAC. Make sure your car’s in tip-top condition with a free 20-point health check.

Our patrols fix 4/5 on the spot

RAC patrols fix most vehicles on the spot. And repairs are done in just 30 minutes on average.

Our Patrols Fix 4 Out Of 5 On The Spot
Cover To Suit You

Cover to suit you

With Basic, Extra and Complete – plus a range of add-ons – we have car breakdown cover to suit your needs.

5* Defaqto Rating

Our Complete cover with Onward Travel is rated 5 stars by Defaqto.

5 Star Defaqto Rating

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RAC breakdown cover reviews

3.9/5 star reviews on Trustpilot
Accurate on 10/08/2023

RAC European Breakdown Cover

If you happen to experience a car breakdown while driving overseas, it’s certainly not the most desirable situation. However, RAC European Breakdown Cover is available to offer assistance when you need it most.

Our helpline, available around the clock and in English, makes it simple to get speedy help.

As a matter of fact, we’re the only provider of European breakdown cover to include limitless roadside assistance as well as a payment towards garage labour expenses as part of our standard package.

Moreover, our Comprehensive Plus cover offers the finest protection available in the industry, ensuring that your vacation is memorable for all the correct reasons!

Rac Breakdown Cover - European Breakdown Cover

What is European breakdown cover?

We offer European breakdown cover, which provides protection in case of vehicle breakdowns while travelling in Europe.

Our English-speaking helpline is available to arrange roadside assistance. If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, we will arrange for it to be taken to a nearby garage for further assessment.

If the repairs cannot be completed before the return to the UK, we will assist in transporting you, your passengers, and your vehicle back home.

Why do I need European breakdown cover?

European breakdown cover is essential if you plan to travel to Europe by car, van, minibus, motorhome, motorcycle, or caravan. Even if you already have UK breakdown cover, it may not cover roadside assistance in Europe, so it’s important to ensure you have appropriate cover.

Our comprehensive European breakdown cover provides peace of mind in the event of a breakdown, and we cover all garage labor costs up to £150 (Comprehensive) or £1,000 (Comprehensive Plus). Therefore, if you don’t already have European breakdown cover, it’s time to start exploring the different policies available.

What’s included in RAC European Breakdown Cover?

RAC European Breakdown Cover varies based on the chosen level of cover. However, all cover levels come with our 24/7 English-speaking helpline, which is rated 5-stars by Defaqto, ensuring you have access to immediate help whenever you need it.

Here’s what else you can get with the RAC:

  • European roadside assistance and recovery
    We’ll arrange for a local garage to come out to you and inspect your vehicle – they’ll repair it at the roadside or recover it to the garage for repair.
  • Contribution to garage labour costs
    With Comprehensive, you’ll get up to £150. Or up to £1,000 with Comprehensive Plus.
  • Alternative travel or accommodation
    If your vehicle’s in the garage, you can have a hire car or hotel while it’s being fixed.
  • Getting you and your vehicle back to the UK
    Also known as ‘repatriation’, we can help get you and your vehicle back home if it can’t be fixed before you travel back to the UK.
  • Cover before your departure
    If you break down in the UK and can’t be fixed before you’re due to leave, you can have a hire car to continue your trip to Europe.
  • 10% off travel insurance
    When you buy European breakdown cover from the RAC, you’ll also get 10% off RAC Travel Insurance.
  • £100,000 towards legal fees
    If you’re involved in an accident while abroad, we’ll give you up to £100,000 towards legal fees.

Should I get Single Trip or Annual European Breakdown cover?

When it comes to European Breakdown Cover, we offer two types of cover: Single Trip and Annual. The choice between the two depends on various factors, including:

  • Duration of your holiday or travel plans
  • Chosen level of cover – comprehensive or comprehensive plus
  • Desired travel destination within Europe – Zone 1, 2, and/or 3
  • Age and type of vehicle you are driving

Consider these factors to determine which type of European Breakdown Cover is the best option for your needs.

†Above prices are for 8 day’s cover a 4 year old vehicle travelling in Zone 1.

^Comparison based on RAC Comprehensive Plus European Breakdown Cover against the top level of cover from other major providers as of 22.05.2022. For full details visit rac.co.uk/eurocompare.

What countries are covered by RAC European Breakdown Cover?

RAC European Breakdown Cover provides cover in almost 49 countries located across mainland Europe. These countries are categorised into three zones – Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3, which helps you choose the suitable cover based on your travel needs.

The covered countries include popular destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, and the Republic of Ireland.

Apart from these countries, RAC also extends its cover to other nations, including but not limited to Albania, Armenia, Gibraltar, Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia, and various others.

  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Gibraltar
  • Italy
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Vatican City

We also cover the offshore islands of the countries within this zone, with the exception of Ceuta, Melilla or the Canary Islands (Spanish off-shore Islands).

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus (South)
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Kosovo
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russian mainland (west of Urals)
  • Serbia
  • Slovakian Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey (in Europe) plus Uskudar
  • Ukraine

We also cover the offshore islands of all the countries within this zone.

Single Trip European Breakdown Cover

  • Single Trip European Breakdown Cover protects you during a single return trip to Europe.
  • You can buy cover for a trip lasting from one day up to 180 days.
  • It’s ideal if you only plan to drive to Europe once or twice a year – as it’s likely to work out cheaper than an annual policy.
  • Cover for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, and caravans.

Annual European Breakdown Cover

  • Annual European Breakdown Cover protects you for unlimited trips to Europe during the year.
  • For each trip, you’re covered for up to 90 days. If you’re going for longer than this, you’ll need to buy single trip cover.
  • This type of cover is ideal if you regularly drive to Europe. If you travel more than twice a year to Europe, it’s likely to work out cheaper than buying single trip cover each time.
  • Cover for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, and caravans.

Choose your level of European breakdown cover


from £6 a day

We’ll cover the costs to get you to a local garage – so you won’t have to shell out extra.

We’ll pay up to £150 towards garage labour costs, provided repairs are completed on the same working day.

Get up to £500 accommodation expenses and/or up to £1,500 to continue your journey.

We’ll pay up to the market value of your vehicle to get it back to the UK, providing it’s not beyond economical repair.

Get 2 days unlimited UK roadside assistance before you depart, for all breakdowns over a ¼ of a mile from home.

You’ll always have access to our helpline – so you know you won’t be left stranded. And help is only a phone call away.

We will cover you for legal costs, up to a maximum of £100,000 per claim.

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The best cover in the market^

Comprehensive plus

from £10.07 a day

We’ll cover the costs to get you to a local garage – so you won’t have to shell out extra.

Get up to £1,200 accommodation expenses and/or up to £3,000 to continue your journey.

We’ll pay up to £1,000 towards garage labour costs, provided repairs are completed on the same working day.

Get 7 days unlimited UK roadside assistance before you depart, for all breakdowns over a ¼ of a mile from home.

We’ll pay up to the market value of your vehicle to get it back to the UK, providing it’s not beyond economical repair.

You’ll always have access to our helpline – so you know you won’t be left stranded. And help is only a phone call away.

We will cover you for legal costs, up to a maximum of £100,000 per claim.

We cover replacement train/ferry tickets for up to 3 missed connections if the delay is caused by a breakdown.

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Answers to your questions

The cost of breakdown cover varies depending on several factors.

The Basic cover for one vehicle is the cheapest option, starting from £6.95 per month.

However, the total cost depends on the level of cover you choose (Basic, Extra, or Complete), the type of cover (personal or vehicle), the number of vehicles or people you want to cover, and any additional add-ons you might need, such as Onward Travel, Key Replace, Battery Replace, or Tyre Replace.

If you’re looking to get a quote for breakdown cover, the simplest way is to do so online.

You can begin the process by clicking on the provided link, and it should only take a few minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can give us a call at 0330 159 1019 to get a quote over the phone.

If you experience a flat tyre, you can contact us for assistance under your breakdown cover. We will attempt to repair your tyre, install your spare tyre, or aid you in locating a replacement tyre.

Additionally, we offer an optional ‘Tyre Replace cover‘ that provides cover for up to five new tyres per year, each worth up to £150, in case your tyres get punctured or damaged.

It is possible to combine car insurance with breakdown cover. Certain car insurance providers offer the option to purchase breakdown cover as an additional feature.

It’s important to note that some providers may only offer basic breakdown cover, requiring you to pay extra to upgrade. Therefore, it’s recommended to check if breakdown cover is already included in your car insurance before making a purchase.

RAC Car Insurance and RAC Temporary Car Insurance are examples of providers that offer the option to add breakdown cover to their policies.

Roadside assistance is a category of breakdown cover, sometimes known as ‘roadside breakdown cover’. This kind of cover involves us coming to your aid if you experience a breakdown at the roadside, and towing your vehicle up to 10 miles if it can’t be repaired immediately.

There are other types or levels of cover available as well. At Home cover, for example, applies when you experience a breakdown on your driveway or within a 1/4 mile of your home. National Recovery, on the other hand, involves cover for long-distance towing beyond the 10-mile limit offered by basic roadside assistance.

It’s possible to transfer vehicle breakdown cover from one vehicle to another. This kind of cover is specific to a particular vehicle, and the transfer can be done at no cost either online via your MyRAC account or by contacting us by phone.

However, it’s important to note that personal breakdown cover, which provides cover for you regardless of the vehicle you’re in, cannot be transferred to another individual.

Using breakdown cover has no impact on your no-claims bonus because it is a distinct service from car insurance.

Breakdown cover is not typically included in car insurance policies as a standard feature.

Unless your car insurance policy includes breakdown cover as an optional extra, it’s a good idea to purchase a separate breakdown cover policy to ensure that you can receive assistance if your vehicle breaks down.

It is possible to get breakdown cover for vehicles of any age through the RAC. However, it’s worth noting that our battery replace cover is only available for cars less than 15 years old.

Yes, breakdown cover is well worth it.

Having breakdown cover means that if your car breaks down, you’ll have access to 24/7 roadside assistance to help you in your time of need.

Without this cover, getting help can be costly, and you may need to call upon a costly recovery firm that charges by the hour for their services.

Breakdown cover can therefore save you money, time, and stress in such situations.

Breakdown cover typically covers the cost of repairing your vehicle at the roadside, which can usually be done by our patrols for 4 out of 5 vehicles.

However, any expenses incurred for replacement parts, fuel, or batteries would be charged to you.

It’s essential to keep in mind that if your car requires additional repairs at a garage, your breakdown cover may not include the cost of such repairs.

Unlike insurance policies, most breakdown cover plans do not require you to pay any excess fees. Your membership typically entitles you to round-the-clock access to roadside assistance, with free fitting and labour for any repairs needed on site.

However, you may be responsible for paying the cost of any replacement parts used to repair your vehicle at the roadside. Choosing one of our breakdown cover extras, such as Tyre, Battery, or Key Replace, can help prevent any unforeseen expenses in such circumstances.

RAC Breakdown Cover explained

The RAC offers breakdown cover for vehicles of any age, including hybrids, electric cars, classic cars, motorbikes, campervans, and vans.

Your vehicle must be registered in the UK, weigh no more than 3.5 tonnes, be no longer than 6.4 meters, and have a width of no more than 2.5 meters (roughly the size and weight of a Ford Transit long wheelbase van). Motorcycles above 49cc (or 121cc in Europe) are also eligible.

For caravans and motorhomes, the RAC Arrival product provides roadside assistance and recovery services. Please visit our vehicle eligibility page for further information about which vehicles may be excluded from cover.

Your Roadside Assistance and At Home breakdown cover begin on the start date you select when purchasing, as long as your vehicle hasn’t already broken down.

If you opt for Extra or Complete cover, you also receive National Recovery, and you can choose to add Onward Travel, which both become active 24 hours after purchase.

Key Replace, Battery Replace, and Tyre Replace cover start 14 days following your breakdown cover’s start date.

If you have already experienced a breakdown, do not purchase breakdown cover online. Instead, please call 0330 159 8743 for assistance.

As part of your RAC membership, you will also have access to exclusive discounts on a range of car maintenance, travel, and leisure-related products and services.

This includes discounts such as 25% off airport parking, up to 51% off theme park tickets, and many more. To view all available RAC Rewards, please refer to the relevant section on our website.

If you use your vehicle for business purposes, you will need to obtain RAC Business Breakdown Cover instead.

We offer 12 or 24-month contracts for commercial cars, vans, taxis, minibuses, and other vehicles used for business purposes.

European cover is not included by default with your UK breakdown cover. However, we provide exceptional European breakdown cover options to ensure you are protected while travelling in Europe. You can add European Rescue to your existing policy or purchase European breakdown cover as a standalone policy.

Our European breakdown cover provides cover in a variety of European countries, including Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, and many others. If you choose to purchase European breakdown cover as a standalone policy, you can choose between a single-trip cover for a one-time journey or annual cover for multiple trips during the year.

If you experience a breakdown and have pets in your vehicle, we will provide assistance to you.

If we cannot repair the issue immediately, you may require recovery services. In such cases, pets may travel in the patrol or recovery vehicle, subject to the discretion of the patrol or recovery driver and their owners.

However, please note that this is entirely at the owner’s risk. Our patrols and recovery drivers have the right to decline to transport any animals in their cab.

We suggest informing us of any pets in your vehicle when you call us for assistance.

Yes. We cover cars of any age without imposing any age restrictions. However, our Battery Replace cover only applies to vehicles that are less than 15 years old and have covered no more than 150,000 miles.

In the event that we are unable to repair a punctured tyre, we will assist you in reaching a garage using our multi-fit wheel. However, the cost of a new tyre is not covered by the breakdown cover, and you would need to pay for it separately.

Nevertheless, if you have added Tyre Replace to your cover, you would be entitled to receive up to 5 new tyres annually, each worth up to £150 if they cannot be repaired after being punctured or damaged.

Yes, you may set your roadside and at-home cover to commence immediately upon signing up for RAC breakdown cover. However, if you have already experienced a breakdown and do not have cover, you cannot purchase breakdown cover at this point.

Instead, you can opt for our emergency cover by calling 0330 159 8743, and we will arrange emergency cover for you.

RAC European Breakdown Cover FAQ's

European breakdown cover is undoubtedly worth it as it offers protection against being stranded in the event of a breakdown while travelling abroad.

With the cover, we provide immediate roadside repair or assistance in finding a local garage if necessary.

However, without cover, you may face more significant difficulties finding help if your car breaks down while on holiday or business trips in Europe.

The level of European breakdown cover that is appropriate for you depends on how often you travel to Europe.

  • If you make multiple trips throughout the year, an Annual Comprehensive or Comprehensive Plus cover may be ideal for you.
  • if you plan to take one or two trips, consider the Single trip Comprehensive or Comprehensive Plus cover.

While European breakdown cover is not a legal requirement, it is still essential to have cover while driving abroad. Without it, getting help in the event of a breakdown can be costly and even more stressful, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the language.

By having European breakdown cover, you have access to an English-speaking individual available 24/7 to help you arrange everything. Additionally, depending on the type of cover selected, you may be eligible for partial or full cover for roadside assistance and garage labour costs.

At the RAC, we offer various flexible options that cater to different budget levels. Our cheapest level of cover is ‘Comprehensive,’ with eight days of European breakdown cover available for less than £6 per day†.

However, the cost of your cover will vary based on your car’s age and the length of your stay abroad.

It’s essential to note that single-trip cover is generally cheaper than annual cover as it only applies to one-time travel abroad. However, if you are a frequent traveller to Europe, an annual cover may offer better value for money.

Yes, we offer cover on both a single-trip basis and annually, making it possible to get one-off cover for a family holiday. At the RAC, we offer two different policies, allowing you to compare European breakdown cover between these two variations.

Our RAC Comprehensive Plus policy boasts a Defaqto 5-Star rating and includes unlimited emergency European roadside assistance and repair, as well as up to £1,000 for garage labour costs.

Yes, our European breakdown cover can assist in getting your car safely back to the UK, also known as repatriation, if needed. The cover level varies depending on the policy you select.

Comprehensive cover includes vehicle repatriation cover up to the insured vehicle’s market value, while Comprehensive Plus cover includes unlimited cover, provided that your vehicle is not beyond economic repair.

We offer European breakdown cover for all types of vehicles, regardless of age.

This includes cover for cars, minivans, campervans, light vans, and minibuses with no more than 17 seats, as well as caravan, motorhome, and motorcycle European breakdown cover (motorcycles 49cc and over), as long as they meet specific requirements.

To be eligible for cover, the vehicle you wish to cover must be a private vehicle (not a commercial vehicle) and permanently registered in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, or the Isle of Man.

Additionally, the vehicle must not exceed the following size restrictions: no more than 7 meters long, 3 meters high, and 2.55 meters wide (including any carried load), with a maximum legal laden weight of 3,500 kg (3.5 tonnes), which is also known as the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

If you require caravan or motorhome European breakdown cover exceeding the above limits, our RAC Arrival policy will be suitable for your needs.

No, your standard RAC Breakdown Cover policy does not cover you in Europe unless you have added European breakdown cover to your policy. Without the additional cover, your policy only provides cover within the UK.

If you are uncertain whether you have European breakdown cover or not, it is advisable to review your policy documents to ascertain precisely what is included in your cover.

European breakdown cover offers pre-departure cover in the UK for both Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus policies, allowing you to get roadside assistance before your trip and even receive a hire car to get to Europe if required.

The cover level you choose determines what you’re covered for:

  • Comprehensive: You’re eligible for roadside assistance in the UK up to 2 days before your departure date and a hire car for 6 days.
  • Comprehensive Plus: You’re eligible for roadside assistance in the UK up to 7 days before your departure date and a hire car for 23 days.

If you experience a breakdown while travelling abroad and do not have European breakdown cover, we regret to inform you that we cannot assist you in getting back on the road. As a result, it is essential to arrange cover before leaving the UK.

In the absence of European breakdown cover, you will be responsible for making your arrangements, such as finding a reliable local recovery company to rescue you and a trustworthy garage to repair your vehicle. You will also be required to cover all of these expenses on your own.

Yes, with RAC Temporary Car Insurance, it is possible to get short-term insurance cover for trips lasting up to 30 days for cars, vans, and motorhomes.

Additionally, you can extend this cover to include driving in Europe, making it ideal if you are borrowing a vehicle or sharing the drive and require comprehensive cover.

You may select cover for a period ranging from one hour to 30 days, and cover takes effect almost immediately.

Whether or not your car insurance policy provides cover for driving in Europe is dependent on your insurance provider.

While some policies may include cover for several days of driving in Europe, it is critical to review your car insurance policy documents before beginning any journey to ensure that you have the appropriate cover in place.

You may also choose to purchase a comprehensive short-term insurance policy and add extra European cover.

You can customise your policy for up to 30 days of cover and purchase it online, providing you with nearly immediate driving cover.

RAC European Breakdown Cover is distinct from your UK membership, so you do not need to be an RAC member to acquire it.

However, if you are an RAC member, you may access all of your policy documents and European cover details via your usual MyRAC account or the MyRAC app.

While you do not require a green card to drive in Europe, you must have a valid UK driving licence and car insurance. Furthermore, certain countries have regulations concerning additional items that you must have with you.

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