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Over 50'S Car Insurance

Is over 50’s car insurance cheaper?

Car insurance for over 50’s is generally cheaper compared to other age groups due to their driving experience and lower risk of making car insurance claims. As people in their 50’s and beyond have been driving for decades, they are often considered one of the safest groups of drivers.

Insurance providers have a significant amount of data on car accidents and claims, and this data indicates that older drivers are involved in fewer accidents and make fewer claims on their policies.

Car Insurance Is Cheap For Over 50S

Another reason why car insurance is cheap for over 50’s is that they usually have more assets and savings, making them more financially stable. This means that they can afford to pay for any damages or repairs to their car without making a claim on their insurance policy.

Insurance companies take this into account when calculating premiums and often offer discounts to older drivers who are considered financially stable.

However, it’s worth noting that the cost of car insurance can vary depending on several factors such as the type of vehicle, cover level, driving record, and location. Therefore, it’s always advisable to compare over 50’s car insurance quotes from different insurers to find the best deal tailored to your specific circumstances.

How to get cheap over 50’s car insurance

Should I use a specialist over 50’s car insurance provider?

Using a specialist over 50’s car insurance provider can offer benefits such as cheaper add-ons to your policy, which may include courtesy cars and emergency driver cover. These providers also tend to have more favourable upper age limits, although premiums may increase as you reach your 80’s.

However, it’s important to note that if you have a clean driving record without a history of accidents or points on your licence, an insurer may offer you fairly cheap car insurance. When considering a specialist over 50’s car insurance provider, it’s important to compare quotes from multiple providers to ensure that you are getting the best possible premiums for your needs.

How much can you save on your car insurance?

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Why compare over 50’s car insurance quotes for with Comparoo?

Comparing the cheapest over 50’s car insurance quotes with Comparoo is a smart move as it allows you to browse deals from multiple providers to get the best deal tailored for you.

Compare The Cheapest Over 50S Car Insurance Quotes

As an over-50 driver, you are considered one of the safest groups of drivers, and this is reflected in some of the cheapest car insurance premiums. However, it’s still important to compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Comparoo’s easy-to-use platform lets you enter a few details about yourself, your car, and your driving history and then presents you with quotes from over 110 trusted insurance providers.

You can easily compare and filter these results based on your preferences, including voluntary excess and add-ons like courtesy cars and emergency driver cover. With Comparoo, you can be confident that you’re making an informed decision about your car insurance policy.

What do I need to get a car insurance quote?

  • Your details: Personal information such as your age, permanent address, and occupation, as well as details regarding your driving licence, and the same information for any additional drivers you wish to insure.
  • Information about your car: Make and model, registration number, age, and any modifications. If you have it, you’ll also need to provide the registration number.
  • How you plan to use the car: Whether you will be using your car for social and commuting purposes only or for business use as well, and provide an estimate of your annual mileage, as well as where the car is usually parked.
  • Your driving and claims history: Claim history, such as any driving offences you have committed, and the number of times you have made an insurance claim.

Compare over 50’s car insurance

If you’re over 50, you may be eligible for cheaper car insurance rates. At Comparoo, we can help you find the best deals on over 50’s car insurance by comparing quotes from over 110 trusted insurance providers.

Best Deals On Over 50S Car Insurance

Our comparison site is easy to use, and all you need to do is enter a few details about yourself, your car, and your driving history. We pre-select a voluntary excess of £250, but you can change this to an amount between £0 and £1,000 to see the effect it has on your premium.

With our live chat tool, you can get tailored support during business hours to help you choose the right policy for the right price. Plus, our car monitor tool can give you reminders on your road tax and MOT, as well as showing your MOT history and car valuation, helping you stay up to date, so you never miss a renewal.

By using Comparoo, you could potentially save up to £504* on your car insurance policy and have peace of mind knowing that you’ve found the best deal for your needs.

We’re 100% independent, working only for our customers

At Comparoo, we work solely for our customers as a 100% independent insurance comparison site. This means that, unlike some other comparison sites, we are not owned by any insurance company, allowing us to offer the best deals and savings directly to you.

With our independence and advanced technology, we can negotiate the best prices and value for various insurance products and services.

Frequently asked questions

Car insurance premiums are determined by factors such as age, driving history, type of car, and location. Insurance providers consider risk as a critical factor in calculating premiums. Drivers over 50 are assumed to be a lower risk because of their experience, and they may have built up some no-claims discount.

Although an over-50 driver may have more driving experience, their car insurance premiums could increase due to increased mileage, potential driving convictions, or points on their licence.

However, insurance premiums typically get cheaper as drivers get older due to their increased experience on the road. Nonetheless, when drivers reach a certain age, such as 70 or 80, insurance providers may consider them a higher risk due to their age.

While it’s not necessary to do so, opting for a specialist over 50’s car insurance provider such as Saga, Age UK, or Rias can have added benefits such as no upper age limits, courtesy cars or ‘get you home’ service, emergency driver cover, unlimited cover on extra equipment, and unlimited European cover at no extra cost.

  • No upper age limits – you could get insurance even if you’re in your 90’s
  • Courtesy cars or a ‘get you home’ service are often offered as standard
  • Emergency driver cover – if you have a medical emergency, some policies will cover any driver to drive your car and take you home
  • Unlimited cover on extra equipment such as sat nav, stereo or CD systems
  • Unlimited European cover at no extra cost
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The extras for over 50’s car insurance policies are the same as those for any other age group, but older drivers may find them more essential. Below are examples of policy extras that drivers over 50 may want to consider:

  • Breakdown cover – to avoid getting stranded on the roadside, it’s essential to have the right breakdown cover to get back on the road as soon as possible.
  • No-claims discount protection – drivers who have built up a significant no-claims discount may want to protect it.
  • Courtesy car cover – having a courtesy car will keep drivers on the road and allow them to carry on with their daily activities while their car is being repaired.
  • Lost keys cover – this can cover the cost of replacing or reprogramming lost keys, which can be a significant expense.

No, a health check is not necessary for over 50’s car insurance. However, if an individual has developed a medical condition that affects their ability to drive or has a pre-existing condition, they must declare it to both the DVLA and their insurance provider.

Not doing so could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and even prosecution if they are involved in an accident. While declaring a medical condition may result in higher premiums, it is essential to do so to ensure compliance with the law and safety on the road.

To save on over 50’s car insurance quotes, follow the below top tips:

  • Avoid auto-renewal – paying more than necessary could be avoided by not choosing auto-renewal.
  • Improve car security – keeping the car somewhere secure overnight or investing in an immobiliser could reduce the risk of theft or vandalism, leading to lower premiums.
  • Reduce annual mileage – while reducing mileage can lower premiums, underestimating mileage could invalidate a policy.
  • Raise voluntary excess – increasing voluntary excess could reduce premiums, but ensure that the compulsory and voluntary excess can be afforded in case of making a claim.
  • Pay upfront – paying upfront may avoid interest charged by monthly payments and result in cost savings.

Car insurance premiums generally decrease for drivers between the ages of 50 and 70 as they make fewer claims compared to other age groups. Therefore, many insurance providers offer lower premiums for drivers within this age bracket.

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