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Congratulations on passing your driving test and obtaining your licence! You’re likely eager to start your driving adventures, but there’s an important step to consider first – insurance.

For young drivers, particularly those aged between 17 and 24, finding affordable car insurance can be a challenge. It’s well-known that premiums tend to be higher for this age group.

However, some insurance companies recognise this issue and offer specialised policies aimed at keeping costs more manageable for young motorists.

We’re here to assist you in exploring a wide array of insurance policies. Our goal is to help you discover the options that best fit your needs at a competitive price.

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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What is Young Driver Car Insurance?

Overview of Young Driver Car Insurance

Young driver car insurance is a specific type of insurance designed for drivers typically under 25 years old. This insurance aims to provide cover for those who are relatively inexperienced behind the wheel.

Young drivers are often seen as a higher risk group by insurance companies due to their tendency to be involved in more accidents and to file more claims.

What Is Young Driver Car Insurance?

Reasons for Higher Costs

The reason insurance companies charge more for this group is backed by statistics. These numbers suggest that younger drivers are more prone to accidents, more likely to incur traffic violations, and tend to make more insurance claims.

Such trends are usually attributed to their limited driving experience, still-developing driving skills, and occasionally, riskier driving behaviours.

Ways to Reduce Costs

To reduce the cost of their car insurance, young drivers can consider several strategies. These include adding a more experienced driver to their policy, taking an advanced driving course, selecting a safer and less expensive car, or opting for a higher excess.

Furthermore, some insurance companies offer discounts or have special policies tailored specifically for young drivers. These options can help make car insurance more affordable, without compromising on the necessary cover.

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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What Type of Car Insurance Do Young Drivers Need?

Basic Car Insurance Options

Young drivers need to consider three main types of car insurance:

  • Third-party insurance: This is the most basic form of cover required to drive legally. It provides protection for damage to other people’s vehicles and covers any injuries you might cause to others in an accident.
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance: This option includes all the benefits of third-party insurance, but also covers your vehicle in case it’s stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance: This is the most extensive option. It includes all the cover provided by the other two types, plus it protects you as a driver and covers damage to your own car.

What Type Of Car Insurance Do Young Drivers Need

Finding the Best Deal

Interestingly, fully comprehensive insurance can sometimes turn out to be the cheapest option for some young drivers.

This is why it’s crucial to compare all policy types when searching for affordable car insurance. By exploring different options, young drivers can find the best deal that suits their needs and budget.

“Young driver car insurance can be pricey, but choosing less cover isn’t always the smartest way to save. You could select basic third-party insurance to meet legal requirements, however, it’s important to explore other options like telematics, driving a less powerful car, and avoiding car modifications.”

Kevin Tuffney

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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What Young Driver Car Insurance Options Are There?

Insurance providers offer specific policies for young drivers, designed to help save money. Understanding these options is key to finding a policy that suits your needs and budget.

What Young Driver Car Insurance Options Are There

Black Box Insurance

Black box insurance involves installing a device in your vehicle that allows the insurer to track your driving habits. This device records and analyses your driving data. If you demonstrate safe driving practices, you could see a reduction in your insurance costs when it’s time to renew your policy.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

PAYG insurance is ideal for drivers who use their cars infrequently. Instead of a fixed annual premium, you pay a base rate every month or year, plus a charge for each mile you drive. This can lead to significant savings if you don’t drive often.

Adding a Named Driver

By adding a named driver, such as a parent or guardian, to your policy, you can potentially reduce your premium. However, it’s critical to be honest about who the primary driver of the car is. Misrepresentation, known as ‘fronting‘, can invalidate your policy.

Short-term Car Insurance

Short-term car insurance provides cover for a specific, limited period, typically ranging from an hour to 28 days. This option does not extend beyond the specified time frame.

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Learner Driver Insurance

For those with a valid provisional UK driving licence, learner driver insurance offers flexible, short-term cover while you’re learning and practising outside of formal driving lessons. This type of insurance is tailored to the unique needs of learner drivers.

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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Is Young Driver Car Insurance Cheaper with a Black Box?

The Basics of Black Box Insurance

Black box insurance, also known as telematics insurance, can make car insurance cheaper for young drivers. A black box is a compact device installed in your car to monitor various aspects of your driving behaviour, such as your speed, braking patterns, and how you handle corners.

Impact on Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use the data from the black box to assess your driving skills. If the data indicates that you are a safe and responsible driver, you may be offered a lower insurance rate.

This is because safe drivers are generally less likely to be involved in accidents or make claims, thereby presenting a lower risk to insurers.

Potential Drawbacks

On the other hand, if the black box data shows risky driving behaviour, your insurance costs might not decrease, and in some cases, they could increase. Therefore, maintaining good driving habits is crucial when using a black box.

Key Takeaway

Overall, a black box can be a beneficial tool for young drivers aiming to secure more affordable car insurance. It encourages safe driving and offers a potential financial reward for those who adhere to good driving practices.

How much can you save on your car insurance
with a black box?

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Why Is Car Insurance More Expensive for Young Drivers?

The Role of Age in Insurance Premiums

The cost of premiums for young drivers is heavily influenced by their age. Insurance providers often view young drivers as high-risk due to their limited experience, regardless of their carefulness on the road.

This perception of risk, tied closely to the driver’s age, is a primary reason for the higher cost of premiums for younger motorists.

Why Is Car Insurance More Expensive For Young Drivers

Impact of Driving Experience

Driving experience plays a significant role in insurance costs. New drivers, typically having less experience, are more prone to accidents.

As a result, they are more likely to make an insurance claim compared to older, more seasoned drivers.

Organisations like Brake, a road safety charity, highlight that one in five drivers is involved in a crash within their first year of driving.

Accident Statistics Among Young Drivers

Accident statistics reinforce the perceived risk associated with young drivers. Government data reveals that individuals aged 17 to 29 account for 25% of fatalities and 29% of casualties in road traffic accidents.

Furthermore, Brake notes that young drivers are four times more likely to be in a fatal crash when they have passengers of a similar age, compared to when driving alone.

Key Takeaway

These factors – age, lack of driving experience, and accident statistics – collectively contribute to higher insurance premiums for young drivers. Insurers assess these risks to determine the cost of premiums, leading to higher charges for this demographic.

‘The average cost of young driver insurance is £1,354*. Car insurance for young drivers is more expensive because they have a higher chance of getting into accidents and needing to make a claim.’ 

*51% of young drivers between 17-24 years old could achieve a quote of up to £1354 for their car insurance based on Compare The Market data in November, 2022.

Brake Charity

Learn more about the risks for young drivers from the charity Brake.

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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How Can Young Drivers Get Cheaper Car Insurance?

Selecting the Right Car

Choosing a smaller car can lead to lower insurance costs. Cars with smaller engines often fall into cheaper insurance groups, making them more affordable to insure.

How Can Young Drivers Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Managing Mileage

Reducing the amount you drive can also help in getting a better deal. Although it’s tempting to use the car frequently after passing your test, keeping your mileage low could lead to cheaper insurance.

Payment Strategies

Paying your premiums annually is usually more cost-effective than monthly payments. This approach avoids additional interest or finance arrangement fees, making it a worthwhile option if you can afford the upfront cost.

Building a No-Claims Discount

One long-term strategy is to build a no-claims discount by driving carefully and avoiding insurance claims. Over time, this can significantly reduce your insurance costs.

Enhancing Vehicle Security

Improving your car’s security can also reduce insurance costs. Installing an alarm or tracker can make your car safer, which is favourable to insurers.

Adjusting Your Excess

Choosing a higher excess – the amount you pay towards a claim – can lower your premiums. However, ensure the excess is affordable in case you need to make a claim.

Avoiding Modifications

Resist the urge to modify your car. Modifications, especially those that increase speed or change appearance, can increase insurance premiums.

Adding a Named Driver

Adding a named driver, such as a parent or a trusted individual, to your policy might help lower the cost. This can be particularly effective if the added driver has a good driving record.

Being Smart with Your Job Title

The job title you provide can influence your premiums. Experiment with different, honest ways of describing your occupation to see if it affects the cost.

Shopping Around

Always shop around and compare car insurance quotes. Don’t settle for the first offer you see; exploring different options can lead to significant savings.

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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What Are the Cheapest Cars to Insure for Young Drivers?

Preference for Small Hatchbacks

The most affordable cars to insure for young drivers are typically small hatchbacks with small engines. These vehicles lack the power of larger cars, placing them in more economical insurance groups.

 Fiat 500

Benefits of Small Engines

A car with a small engine is not just about less power; it directly correlates to lower insurance costs. Smaller engines are seen as less risky by insurers, especially for young drivers.

Top 10 Cheapest Cars For Young Drivers

Based on available data, here’s a list of the top 10 cheapest cars for young drivers to insure. This list can serve as a guide for those seeking cost-effective insurance options.


































Source: GoCompare

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

Availability of Temporary Insurance

Temporary car insurance is indeed available for young drivers and is often quite straightforward to arrange. This type of insurance can be incredibly useful in various scenarios.

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Young Driver Temporary Car Insurance

Applicability for Learner Drivers

For instance, if you are learning to drive using someone else’s car, temporary insurance can provide the necessary cover during your learning period. It ensures that you are insured without affecting the car owner’s policy.

Transitioning to Qualified Driver Status

After passing your driving test, the learner driver insurance you held will no longer be valid for you as a qualified driver. In such situations, you will need to secure a new policy designed for new drivers.

Short-Term Solution

Temporary car insurance serves as an excellent short-term solution while you explore your options for the most suitable long-term car insurance.

It allows you to stay legally covered and continue driving as you search for the ideal insurance plan that fits your requirements and budget.

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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How to Get Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Using Comparison Platforms

An effective way to find affordable car insurance for young drivers is by comparing quotes through platforms like Comparoo.

By exploring different options, you could potentially save a significant amount, with possible savings of up to £504* by finding a better deal.

Information Required for a Quote

To obtain a quote for young driver car insurance, you’ll need to provide several key pieces of information:

  • Personal details: This includes your age, address, and job, which help insurers assess your profile.
  • Car registration number: Identifies the specific vehicle you intend to insure.
  • Car usage: How you use your car, such as for work, leisure, or commuting, along with your annual mileage.
  • Driving history: Any past convictions, accidents, or insurance claims you have had in the last five years.
  • Additional drivers: If you wish to include other drivers in your policy, their information will also be required.

Providing accurate and comprehensive information is crucial to getting an accurate quote and ensuring your insurance meets your needs.

Compare quotes for young driver’s insurance

How much can you save on young driver car insurance?

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Frequently asked questions

Cars are divided into 50 car insurance groups. The cheapest cars to insure for young drivers are found in the lowest groups, like group one. These cars are less expensive to insure because they are often smaller, less powerful, and cheaper to repair.

On the other hand, cars in higher groups, such as group 20 and above, are more expensive to insure because they are often larger, more powerful, and cost more to fix. So, for young drivers seeking affordable insurance, it’s best to look for cars in the lower insurance groups.

As a young driver, you can include many optional extras to your insurance policy for added protection:

These extras can provide you with more comprehensive cover and peace of mind while on the road.

Car insurance usually gets cheaper for young drivers once they turn 21. However, their premiums might still be higher than those of older, experienced drivers who have had years of driving experience and built up a no-claims bonus.

As a 21-year-old, it’s essential to compare different insurance options to find a more affordable policy. By comparing car insurance from various insurance providers, you can potentially save up to £504* on your car insurance premium.

All UK drivers, including young ones, must have at least third-party car insurance as mandated by the 2006 Road Safety Act. Non-compliance may result in fines, unless the car is registered off-road with a SORN or involved in a sale/purchase process.

Voluntary excess is the amount you choose to pay towards a claim, in addition to the compulsory excess set by your insurer. Increasing your voluntary excess can lower your premiums since insurers see less risk of small claims.

However, you need to ensure that you can afford the excess as you will have to pay it when you need to make a claim.

Driving courses like Pass Plus or IAM may not significantly lower insurance premiums for average drivers. However, younger or inexperienced drivers could potentially save money. It’s recommended to compare insurance options to find the best deal.

You can add a younger driver to your car insurance, but it will increase your premium due to their inexperience. However, it’s more cost-effective than a separate policy for occasional use.

Avoid illegal “fronting” by not falsely claiming to be the main driver if the younger person drives the car primarily.

Your son or daughter can drive your car if they are a named driver on your policy, regardless of their living situation. However, always speak to your insurer first before proceeding.

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