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Advanced driving courses are designed to significantly enhance your driving skills and boost your confidence on the road.

Participating in such a course can also have the added benefit of potentially lowering your car insurance costs, making it a practical choice for many drivers.

What is an Advanced Driving Course?


An advanced driving course is a specialised training programme aimed at significantly improving a driver’s skills and safety on the road. These courses cater to a variety of needs, whether it’s overcoming specific fears like motorway driving or generally enhancing one’s driving abilities.

Objectives and Benefits

The primary goal of these courses is to make individuals safer and more competent drivers. They focus on aspects such as defensive driving, hazard awareness, and efficient vehicle handling. By doing so, they help in reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving road safety for everyone.

What Is An Advanced Driving Course?

Course Content

Typically, an advanced driving course covers a range of topics, including:

  • Defensive Driving Techniques: Strategies to anticipate and safely handle potential hazards.
  • Speed Management: Understanding the importance of appropriate speed in various road conditions.
  • Motorway Skills: Specialised training for high-speed driving and complex motorway networks.
  • Weather-Adaptive Driving: Techniques for driving safely in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, or fog.
  • Vehicle Control: Enhanced skills for manoeuvring and controlling the vehicle effectively.

Customisation and Expertise

Many courses offer customised training to address specific fears or weaknesses a driver might have. For instance, if someone is apprehensive about motorway driving, the course will focus more on that aspect.

The training is usually conducted by expert instructors who have extensive experience and knowledge of advanced driving techniques.

Confidence Building

An important benefit of these courses is the boost in confidence they provide. Drivers who complete the training often feel more equipped and confident to handle challenging driving situations. This confidence can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience.

Who Can Benefit?

Advanced driving courses are not just for new or nervous drivers; they are beneficial for drivers of all skill levels. Even experienced drivers can learn new techniques and perspectives on road safety, making these courses a valuable investment for anyone looking to enhance their driving skills.

Key Takeaway

An advanced driving course is a comprehensive training programme that offers numerous benefits, including improved safety, enhanced driving skills, customised learning experiences, and increased confidence behind the wheel.

It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to become a more proficient and responsible driver.

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Who Can Take an Advanced Driving Course?

Advanced driving courses are open to individuals holding a full driving licence. These courses cater to a diverse range of drivers, from those who have only recently passed their driving test to seniors over 70 years old seeking to update their driving skills.

Who Can Take An Advanced Driving Course

Eligibility and Audience

The primary criterion for enrolment in an advanced driving course is having a valid full driving licence. This makes these courses accessible to a broad spectrum of drivers, including:

  • Young Drivers: New licence holders, often in their late teens or early twenties, can benefit significantly. These courses provide them with advanced skills and a deeper understanding of safe driving practices.
  • Experienced Drivers: Those who have been driving for many years but wish to refine their skills or adapt to changing road conditions and regulations.
  • Senior Drivers: Drivers over the age of 70 often enroll in these courses to refresh their knowledge and ensure their driving skills remain sharp and safe.

Types of Courses

There is a variety of advanced driving courses available, each focusing on specific aspects of driving:

  • Defensive Driving: These courses teach techniques to anticipate and effectively respond to various road hazards, aggressive drivers, and adverse weather conditions.
  • Performance Driving: Aimed at those interested in enhancing their driving techniques, particularly in high-speed environments.
  • Eco-Driving: Focuses on efficient driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption and minimise environmental impact.
  • Refresher Courses: Specifically designed for senior drivers or those who haven’t driven for an extended period.

Choosing the Right Course

When selecting an advanced driving course, it’s essential to consider what you hope to achieve. Each course has its unique focus and may be more suitable for different driving needs. Researching and comparing various courses to find one that aligns with your specific requirements is advisable.

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What Advanced Driving Training Courses are Available?

The UK offers a variety of advanced driving courses designed to enhance driving skills and road safety. Among these, IAM RoadSmart stands out as a prominent provider, known for its commitment to improving road safety through skill development.

IAM RoadSmart Courses

IAM RoadSmart is a registered charity focused on road safety in the UK. It offers several courses accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These courses cater to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring a wide range of drivers can benefit.

Advanced Driver Course

  • Duration: Typically 6-12 sessions.
  • Focus: Enhances various driving skills such as road positioning, speed management, gear control, and acceleration techniques.
  • Cost: £175.
  • Benefits: Completing this course grants full IAM membership and the potential to reduce car insurance premiums.
  • Certification: Participants are evaluated through an advanced driving test.

Fast-Track Advanced Course

  • Format: Intense, one-to-one training.
  • Duration: Two half-days.
  • Cost: £480.
  • Outcome: Certification as an expert driver.
  • Suitable for: Those seeking rapid skill enhancement.

Young Driver Assessment

  • Age Group: Designed for drivers aged 17-26.
  • Duration: One-hour session.
  • Features: Includes an on-road assessment in the driver’s own car, with personalised advice.
  • Benefits: Aims to build confidence and improve road skills for less experienced drivers.

Mature Driver Review

  • Target Audience: Older drivers looking to regain confidence or sharpen their skills.
  • Duration: One-hour session.
  • Method: Conducted in the driver’s own vehicle, with a focus on providing an honest, unbiased review of driving skills.
  • Support: Tailored advice and support for improvement are provided by a qualified expert.

These IAM RoadSmart courses are designed to cater to a range of needs, from young drivers seeking confidence to experienced drivers looking to refine their skills or adapt to new challenges on the road.

Book an Advanced Driving Course with IAM RoadSmart

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RoSPA Advanced Driving Course

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) offers comprehensive Advanced Driving Courses, aimed at enhancing driving skills and promoting road safety. These courses are conducted through local groups and cater to drivers seeking to improve their abilities behind the wheel.

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Course Structure and Training

Volunteer Tutoring

  • Personalised Training: You are assigned a volunteer tutor who guides you through the training.
  • Flexible Sessions: The number of training sessions is not fixed. You can take as many as you need to feel confident for the Advanced Driving Test.

Session Timing and Costs

  • Availability: Sessions are typically scheduled in the evenings and on weekends, offering flexibility for participants.
  • Costs: While the training sessions are free, there is a fee for RoSPA membership. Additionally, the Advanced Driving Test costs £77.

Advanced Driving Qualification

Apart from the basic advanced driving course, RoSPA also offers a specialised qualification designed for more experienced drivers.

Focus Areas

  • Confidence Improvement: The course aims to boost your confidence in various driving situations.
  • Crash Risk Reduction: It teaches techniques to minimise the risk of accidents.
  • Fuel Consumption: Participants learn efficient driving practices to improve fuel economy.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: The course covers methods to reduce wear and tear on vehicles, extending their lifespan and performance.

Professional Delivery

  • Expert Instructors: The course is delivered by fleet safety professionals, ensuring a high standard of training and expertise.

Who Should Enrol

  • Individuals Seeking Improvement: Ideal for drivers who want to refine their driving skills.
  • Safety-Conscious Drivers: Those interested in learning advanced safety techniques.
  • Economically-Minded Drivers: Anyone looking to reduce their vehicle’s running costs through improved driving habits.

The RoSPA Advanced Driving Course is a valuable opportunity for drivers of all levels to enhance their skills, learn safer driving practices, and potentially reduce the costs associated with vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption.

Book an Advanced Driving course with RoSPA

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AA Advanced Driving Courses

The Automobile Association (AA) offers a range of driver safety courses in the UK, conducted by AA-qualified instructors. These courses are designed to cater to various driving needs, from enhancing basic skills to tackling specific driving challenges.

Aa Advanced Driving Course

Available Courses

AA Pass Plus

  • Duration: A six-hour course.
  • Objective: To enhance existing driving skills and develop new ones, particularly beneficial for recent driving test passers.

Refresher Driving Lessons

  • Flexibility: You can take as many sessions as required.
  • Coverage: These lessons are ideal for brushing up on skills such as urban and rural driving, night driving, and all-weather driving.
  • Target Audience: Suitable for drivers who feel out of practice or those looking to expand their driving skills.

Motorway Driving Lessons

  • Focus: Specifically designed for drivers who are apprehensive about driving on motorways.
  • Benefit: Aims to increase confidence in navigating multi-lane roads safely.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Variable Costs: The prices for these courses vary depending on the type of training and duration.
  • Discount Offers: AA provides discounts on the first booking, making it more accessible for a wider range of drivers.

Who Should Consider These Courses?

  • Newly Licensed Drivers: The AA Pass Plus is particularly beneficial for drivers who have recently obtained their driving licence.
  • Drivers Seeking Confidence: For those who feel nervous or less confident about specific aspects of driving, such as motorway driving or driving in adverse weather conditions.
  • Drivers Looking to Refresh Skills: Ideal for individuals who haven’t driven in a while or want to ensure their driving skills are up to date.

The AA Advanced Driving Courses offer a comprehensive approach to driver education, catering to a broad spectrum of needs.

Whether it’s enhancing basic driving skills, gaining confidence on motorways, or refreshing long-forgotten techniques, these courses provide valuable learning opportunities under expert guidance.

Book an Advanced Driving course with the AA

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Pass Plus Advanced Driver Training

The Pass Plus Scheme is an excellent option for newly qualified drivers in the UK. This course, endorsed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), is specifically designed to build upon the skills learned while obtaining a driving licence.


Overview of the Pass Plus Scheme

Target Audience

  • New Drivers: Ideal for individuals who have recently passed their driving test.

Course Content

  • Duration: Approximately six hours.
  • Modules: The course covers various driving conditions including night driving, as well as urban and rural driving scenarios.

Assessment and Certification

  • Assessment: There is no formal test at the end of the course. Instead, your instructor will assess your performance throughout.
  • Completion Requirements: You need to reach the required standard in all modules to successfully complete the course.
  • Certification: After completion, you can apply for a Pass Plus advanced driving certificate from the DVSA.

Benefits of Completing Pass Plus

  • Insurance Discount: Possession of the Pass Plus certificate can be used to apply for discounts on car insurance, which can be particularly beneficial for new drivers facing higher insurance premiums.
  • Skill Enhancement: The course is designed to enhance driving skills and provide experience in a wider range of driving situations than those typically covered in standard driving tests.

Course Pricing and Discounts

  • Variable Costs: Prices for the Pass Plus course can vary based on location, the instructor chosen, and the length of training.
  • Council Discounts: Some local councils offer discounts on the Pass Plus course. For up-to-date information and details on how to avail of these discounts, visit the official GOV.UK website.

The Pass Plus Scheme is a practical choice for new drivers looking to enhance their driving capabilities and gain confidence in a variety of driving conditions, while potentially benefiting from lower car insurance premiums.

Book a Pass Plus course through the DVSA

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How are Advanced Driving Courses Different from Ordinary Driving Lessons?

Advanced driving courses differ significantly from ordinary driving lessons. They are tailored for individuals who have already passed their driving test and possess fundamental driving skills.

The focus of advanced courses is on refining these skills and building confidence in more challenging driving scenarios.

How Are Advanced Driving Courses Different From Ordinary Driving Lessons

Key Differences

Skill Level Assumption

  • Existing Skills: Advanced courses assume that participants have basic driving proficiency and a valid driving licence.
  • Beyond Basics: Unlike ordinary lessons, which start from the basics, advanced courses enhance existing skills.

Areas of Focus

Advanced driving courses cover a range of specific driving conditions and scenarios not typically addressed in standard driving lessons. Some of these include:

Motorway Driving

  • Skills Enhanced: Handling high-speed driving, understanding motorway-specific rules, and dealing with traffic on multi-lane roads.

Night Driving

  • Challenges Addressed: Coping with reduced visibility, dealing with headlights from oncoming traffic, and understanding night-time driving hazards.

Rural Driving

  • Focus Areas: Navigating narrow lanes, dealing with uneven road surfaces, and understanding the challenges of rural road conditions, such as encountering wildlife or agricultural vehicles.

Benefits of Advanced Driving Courses

  • Increased Confidence: These courses are designed to make drivers more confident in situations they might not encounter frequently.
  • Safety Enhancement: Advanced training can lead to safer driving practices in diverse conditions.
  • Personalised Learning: Advanced courses often offer more personalised training, focusing on the individual’s specific needs and areas for improvement.

Advanced driving courses provide an opportunity to go beyond the basics covered in ordinary driving lessons, offering a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of driving.

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These courses are ideal for drivers looking to enhance their skills and confidence in more complex and varied driving situations.

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Why Take an Advanced Driving Course?

Advanced driving courses offer a range of benefits, making them a valuable investment for drivers seeking to enhance their skills and confidence on the road.

These courses are designed to address specific driving challenges and improve overall driving competence.

Why Take An Advanced Driving Course?

Improved Skill and Reduced Accident Risk

  • Enhanced Abilities: Advanced training equips drivers with higher-level skills, making them more adept at handling various driving situations.
  • Safety: By becoming a more skilled driver, you significantly reduce your risk of being involved in accidents.

Overcoming Specific Driving Challenges

Challenging Weather Conditions

  • Skills Taught: Techniques for safe driving in wet or icy conditions, helping you navigate such scenarios with confidence.

Motorway Driving

  • Focus: Training often includes joining and leaving motorways, a task that can be daunting for many drivers.

Navigating Roundabouts

  • Guidance Provided: Understanding the rules and techniques for using roundabouts effectively, which can be challenging, especially in busy traffic.

Easing Driving Anxieties

  • Confidence Building: Courses are designed to ease anxieties related to specific driving situations, making you a more confident and relaxed driver.

Additional Driving Qualifications

  • Competency: Gaining additional qualifications in driving can significantly enhance your competency behind the wheel.
  • Recognition: These qualifications can also be a mark of distinction, demonstrating your commitment to safe and skilled driving.

Economic Benefits

  • Fuel Efficiency: Learning to use your car more efficiently can lead to noticeable savings in fuel costs.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Improved driving techniques can also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, potentially extending the life of tyres and other components.

Advanced driving courses provide a comprehensive approach to driving, addressing not just the technical aspects but also the psychological elements, such as driver anxiety and confidence.

These courses are beneficial for anyone looking to become a more competent, safe, and efficient driver.

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Will Taking an Advanced Driving Course Reduce My Car Insurance?

Potential for Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance Reduction: Many insurance providers consider advanced drivers as lower risk, which can lead to reduced car insurance premiums.

Will Taking An Advanced Driving Course Reduce My Car Insurance?

Factors to Consider

No Guarantee of Reduced Costs

  • Uncertainty: It’s important to note that taking an advanced driving course does not automatically guarantee reduced insurance costs.
  • Insurance Policies: The impact on insurance premiums can vary between different insurance companies and policies.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Course Costs: Weighing the cost of the course against any potential insurance discount is crucial.
  • Long-Term Savings: While the initial expense is a factor, the skills acquired can lead to long-term savings.

Building a No Claims Bonus

  • Accident-Free Driving: A consistent record of driving without accidents, enhanced by advanced driving skills, can significantly build up a no-claims bonus, which is a powerful tool for reducing insurance costs over time.

Alternative Ways to Reduce Insurance

Shopping Around

  • Comparing Quotes: Actively shopping around and comparing car insurance quotes can help in finding more affordable options.
  • Using Comparison Services: Using comparison services like Comparoo can streamline this process, potentially leading to cheaper car insurance deals.

Taking an advanced driving course can be a strategic move not just for improving driving skills but also for potentially reducing car insurance costs.

However, it’s essential to approach this with a clear understanding of the potential benefits and limitations, considering both immediate and long-term financial impacts.

Building a no-claims bonus through safe driving, alongside comparing insurance quotes, are additional strategies for managing insurance expenses effectively.

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Frequently asked questions

Taking an advanced driving course can be quite beneficial, especially in terms of insurance costs. Most car insurers tend to see drivers with advanced driving qualifications as being at a lower risk of accidents.

This perception often leads to lower insurance premiums. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to weigh the costs of the course against the potential savings on your insurance policy.

In some cases, the initial expense of the course might not be fully offset by the reduction in insurance costs.

An advanced driver is characterised by their skill in managing both the position and speed of their vehicle in a safe, systematic, and smooth manner.

This involves using awareness of road and traffic conditions to progress in a calm and thoughtful way.

Being unobtrusive yet skilled, and taking responsibility for their actions on the road, are key aspects of advanced driving.

Completing an advanced driving course could potentially lead to a reduction in your car insurance premiums, as many insurance providers consider advanced drivers to be a lower risk.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no absolute guarantee that undertaking such a course will always lead to lower costs. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the course fee and evaluate whether the potential insurance discount justifies this initial expense.

The Pass Plus Driving Course is a concise yet intensive practical course that typically spans 6 hours. This brief training programme is aimed at enhancing and expanding upon the existing skills and knowledge of drivers.

Moreover, Pass Plus serves as a valuable opportunity for drivers to acquaint themselves with more challenging driving situations, furthering their experience and proficiency.

The cost of Pass Plus can fluctuate based on factors such as your location, the driving instructor you choose, and the duration of your training. However, as a general estimate, the price for the complete course typically falls within the range of £150 to £200.

Pass Plus is a practical training course designed to enhance driving skills and promote safer driving practices.

The course requires a minimum of 6 hours to complete. It is particularly beneficial for new drivers, ideally undertaken within the first year after they have passed their driving test, as it helps in consolidating and extending their driving abilities beyond the basic level.

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