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Continuing to drive past the age of 70 can greatly enhance your independence and freedom. Selecting the appropriate car insurance for those over 70 is essential.

It not only provides you with the necessary cover but can also contribute to significant savings. This choice ensures you remain protected on the road while managing your finances effectively.

Can I Get Car Insurance at 70?

The Importance of Car Insurance at 70

Yes, getting car insurance at the age of 70 is definitely possible. Driving at this age can be a key factor in maintaining your independence and enjoying life. It’s crucial, however, to find the right insurance policy that suits your specific needs.

Can I Get Car Insurance At 70

Finding the Right Policy

To ensure that you get the most suitable car insurance, it’s advised to compare various insurance options that are specifically designed for individuals over 70.

These policies are often tailored to meet the unique requirements of older drivers, offering the necessary cover at a reasonable price.

By comparing different policies, you can not only find one that fits your needs but also save money in the process.

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Is It Still Possible to Find Cheap Over 70’s Car Insurance?

The Impact of Age on Car Insurance Rates

Even if insurance rates tend to be higher for individuals over 70 compared to those in their 60s, it is still feasible to find affordable car insurance. Age does play a role in determining insurance premiums, but it’s not the only factor.

Is It Still Possible To Find Cheap Over 70'S Car Insurance

Data on Older Drivers and Risk

The Department for Transport has provided data indicating that older drivers, particularly those over 70, are generally involved in fewer accidents compared to younger drivers aged 17-24. This lower accident involvement often translates into a lower risk profile for insurers.

Lower Risk Leading to Lower Costs

This reduced risk profile can lead to lower car insurance prices for older drivers. While the average annual car insurance cost is around £629, it’s noteworthy that more than half of drivers over 70 can secure premiums as low as £313.

This significant difference highlights how years of driving experience can contribute to substantial savings on car insurance premiums.

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What Should I Consider as an Over 70’s Driver?

Renewing Your Driving Licence

As a driver over 70, it’s essential to be aware of the need to renew your driving licence. Upon turning 70, your licence expires. To renew it, you should visit the DVLA website. This is a critical step to ensure your legality on the road.

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Reporting Medical Conditions

Another important aspect is to be vigilant about medical conditions that might impact your driving ability. It’s your responsibility to inform both the DVLA and your insurance company about any health issues.


Failing to declare a condition can lead to your insurance being invalidated, a potential fine of £1,000, or legal issues in the event of an accident related to your health.

While having a medical condition doesn’t automatically disqualify you from driving, you might need to undergo a driving test to demonstrate your safety on the road. This could, however, affect your insurance costs.

Contacting the DVLA

You can contact the DVLA about your medical condition through various means:

  • Email the DVLA regarding your medical condition.
  • Phone: DVLA Medical Enquiries at 0300 790 6806, available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm.
  • Post: Send your enquiries to Drivers’ Medical Enquiries, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1TU.

Taking an Advanced Driving Assessment

Finally, consider the benefits of an advanced driving assessment. Modern driving can present more challenges compared to the past.

If you’re feeling less confident, undertaking an advanced driving course can not only boost your confidence but also enhance your driving skills.

This step can help you maintain your status as a safe driver and might even lead to reduced insurance costs.

‘You could be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA about a condition that might affect your ability to drive safely. You could also be prosecuted if you have an accident.’ – DVLA

How much can you save on your car insurance?

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How can I save on over 70’s car insurance?

There are different methods you can use to lower your car insurance premium:

How much can you save on your car insurance?

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Frequently asked questions

While not required, older drivers might benefit from insurance providers that focus on their age group. These specialist policies can offer extra features:

  • Emergency any-driver cover – If you have a medical emergency, someone else with a valid licence can take over driving.
  • Courtesy car or ‘get you home’ service – If an accident leaves your car undrivable, this service ensures you reach your destination.
  • Message relay service – In case of an accident, this service informs a friend or family member for you.
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Drivers over 70 don’t always need special insurance. It’s a good idea to compare car insurance from various providers to find the best quote for your circumstance.

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No, if you’re healthy enough to drive, you can have car insurance no matter your age.

But, it’s usual for insurance companies to charge more once you reach a specific age. This age can be different for each provider.

Telematics insurance can be a good option for older drivers, especially if they don’t drive much or avoid driving during busy times like rush hour or night time when most accidents happen.

While telematics, or black box insurance, is often used to help new and younger drivers save money on car insurance, it can also benefit older drivers in their 70’s.

The black box is a small device installed in your car or an app on your smartphone. It tracks your driving habits, and if you prove to be a cautious driver, your insurance provider may lower your premiums based on the data collected.

This can be a great way to save money on car insurance for older drivers who maintain safe driving habits.

There are several optional extras you can add to your car insurance policy when you’re over 70. These can provide extra peace of mind and protection:

Breakdown cover – As you get older, tasks like changing a flat tyre can be more difficult. Breakdown cover offers assistance if your car breaks down or you need help with minor issues.

Legal expenses – This option covers legal costs resulting from a car insurance claim, such as pursuing compensation or defending against a claim made against you.

Courtesy car cover – If your car is written off or needs repairs, this cover provides a temporary replacement vehicle for you to use.

Personal accident cover – This protects you and your family financially if you suffer a serious injury while driving, providing compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, or other related costs.

No-claims discount protection – If you’ve built up a substantial no-claims discount over the years, this protection ensures that your discount won’t be affected if you need to make a claim.

Lost keys cover – Losing your car keys can be a hassle and expensive to replace or reprogram. This cover takes care of the costs associated with lost, stolen, or damaged keys.

You can find a variety of competitive car insurance quotes for drivers over 70 right here at Comparoo. Comparing different options is one of the simplest ways to find a more affordable quote.

Compare car insurance with us today to see if you can score an excellent deal on your upcoming premium.

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