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Over 60'S Car Insurance

How much does over 60’s car insurance cost?

Car insurance for drivers aged 60 and over is typically cheaper compared to other age groups. The price of car insurance depends on many things like where you live, the car you drive, and your age. As a general guideline, older drivers often pay less for their car insurance.

This is because older drivers are usually more experienced and considered lower risk by insurance companies. However, it’s still essential to compare different policies and providers to find the best deal, as other factors can also influence the cost of your insurance.

Why is over 60’s car insurance cheaper?

Car insurance usually gets cheaper when you turn 60 because insurance companies think older drivers are less likely to cause accidents or make claims.

This is because drivers aged 60 and over have more experience on the road, and they’re less likely to drive fast or use devices while driving. As a result, insurance providers consider them a lower risk, which leads to lower insurance costs for these drivers.

How can I get cheap over 60’s car insurance?

You can still find more ways to lower the price of your car insurance even more:

Do I need specialist over 60’s car insurance?

You can usually find affordable car insurance in your 60’s, especially if you have a clean driving record. But some special insurance companies offer extra benefits you might not find in a regular policy.

These benefits can include lower-cost add-ons like a rental car, or higher age limits for coverage. Keep in mind, though, if you keep driving into your 80s, your insurance costs may start to go up again.

Why compare over 60’s car insurance quotes with Comparoo?

Our goal is to simplify the process of finding affordable car insurance. When you choose a policy through Comparoo, you can enjoy:

How much can you save on your car insurance?

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Frequently asked questions

You likely won’t need a medical exam to get car insurance if you’re over 60. However, you must tell your insurance company about any health issues that could impact your driving.

If you don’t, your insurance may not be valid, and you could face problems if you need to make a claim.

Drivers over 60 generally pay less for car insurance. However, if you have a history of driving issues, like convictions or insurance claims, your premiums might be higher. Also, adding younger drivers to your policy or insuring more cars can increase your costs too.

Yes, it’s important to tell your insurer when you retire or if anything else changes in your life. Being honest with your insurance company is essential because not sharing accurate information can result in your policy becoming invalid.

Always keep your insurer updated about any changes to make sure you have the right coverage.

Choosing optional extras for your car insurance can give you more protection, but they might cost extra. Being over 60 has its perks because you could get special insurance for older drivers.

Many of these special insurance companies offer extra features at lower prices, so you can get better coverage without spending too much.

Telematics cover, or black box car insurance, tracks your driving through an app or gadget. If you drive safely, you can get lower insurance costs. While it’s mainly for young drivers to save money, older drivers can benefit too.

If you’re over 60 and don’t drive often, you might save money with a policy that charges you based on how much you drive. So, telematics cover can be a good option for drivers over 60 as well.

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