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Cosmetic Car Insurance

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Cosmetic car insurance provides coverage for minor damages to your vehicle, such as scratches and dents. This helps you avoid making a claim under your insurance policy.

Typically, car insurance covers significant incidents like theft or major damages to your vehicle. However, what if you’re faced with an unappealing scratch on your paint job? Scratches and dents are inevitable and if not addressed, they can escalate into bigger problems. But repairing them comes with a cost and many prefer not to involve their insurance as it may result in losing their no-claims discount.

This is where cosmetic car insurance comes into play. By getting an affordable cosmetic insurance policy, you can get coverage for various minor repairs without affecting your primary insurance policy. Our comprehensive guide provides all the essential information on cosmetic car coverage, enabling you to decide whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

What is cosmetic car insurance?

Cosmetic car insurance, which is also referred to as scratch and dent insurance, is a type of specialised car insurance policy that exclusively provides coverage for damages to the paint job or bodywork of your vehicle. It’s typically sold as a separate insurance product, but some insurance providers may offer it as an add-on to your primary car insurance policy.

The significant advantage of cosmetic car insurance is that you can file a claim for minor damages without it affecting your no-claims bonus. This is particularly beneficial if you’ve been driving cautiously for several years to preserve your no-claims discount. With cosmetic car insurance, you can rest assured that minor repairs won’t jeopardise your hard-earned bonus.

Furthermore, many cosmetic car insurance policies provide coverage for multiple minor repairs, such as scratches, dents, and scuffs. This is a convenient and cost-effective solution for drivers who want to maintain the aesthetic appeal and resale value of their vehicles without breaking the bank on expensive repairs.

How does cosmetic car insurance work?

Cosmetic car insurance is designed to provide coverage for minor damages to your car’s paint job or bodywork. When filing a claim on your cosmetic car insurance policy, the insurer may require you to take your car to an authorised garage for repairs. However, in most cases, the repairs can be performed at your home or workplace using SMART repair technology. SMART repair, which stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technology, is a specialized technique that enables repair technicians to fix scratches and dents without having to replace any parts.

Many cosmetic car insurance policies come with limits, as minor damage is relatively common. For instance, you may be limited to a specific number of claims per year, or there may be a cap on how much the policy will pay out over its lifetime. Therefore, it’s crucial to review the policy details and limitations carefully before purchasing a cosmetic car insurance policy.

Moreover, some cosmetic car insurance policies may provide additional benefits such as coverage for alloy wheel repair, interior repairs, and windshield repair or replacement. This coverage can be particularly beneficial for drivers who want to maintain their car’s appearance and value. However, it’s important to note that these additional benefits may vary depending on the insurer and the policy.

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Cosmetic Car Insurance

Does car insurance normally cover scratches and dents?

If you have fully comprehensive car insurance, your standard policy should cover scratches and dents. However, it may not always be worth claiming for minor damages.

Every time you file a claim, it gets recorded, and insurers take note. If you make frequent claims, you may lose out on a no-claims bonus, which could lead to higher premiums in the long run. Additionally, after a claim, your insurance premiums may rise, which could make it more expensive to maintain coverage.

Moreover, ordinary car insurance policies usually come with an excess – this is the amount you’ll have to pay towards any claim. Given that cosmetic repairs are relatively affordable, you could still end up paying for most of the repairs yourself, even if you make a claim on your insurance.

Therefore, for minor damages such as scratches and dents, cosmetic car insurance can be a practical alternative to claiming on your standard policy. With a cosmetic car insurance policy, you can get coverage for minor repairs without affecting your no-claims bonus or incurring high premiums. Moreover, cosmetic car insurance policies typically come with lower excess fees, making them a more cost-effective option for minor repairs.

What does cosmetic car insurance cover?

Cosmetic car insurance is a type of car insurance that covers small damage to the exterior of your car, like scratches, dents, and chips. This means if you park your car and someone damages it, your insurance can pay for the repairs. Some policies may also cover damage to your car’s wheels, interior, and windshield. Just remember, the type of coverage can vary by insurer and policy, so make sure you read the details before you buy.

What doesn’t cosmetic car insurance cover?

Cosmetic car insurance is designed to cover minor damages to the exterior of your car, but it won’t cover damages that affect the actual function of your car. This means that things like your windscreen, headlights, and indicators won’t be covered. Additionally, some insurers may not cover hubcaps or bumpers.

It’s important to note that each insurer may have different standards for the level of damage they will cover. For example, your policy may not cover dents wider than 30cm or deeper than 3cm. It’s important to review the details of your policy carefully to understand exactly what is covered and what is not.

How much does cosmetic car insurance cost?

Cosmetic car insurance is an affordable option for most drivers, with typical premiums costing around £10 a month. However, the cost of coverage may vary depending on the type of car you drive and how you use it.

If you own a more expensive car with a fancy paint job, you may have to pay slightly higher premiums for cosmetic car insurance. On the other hand, if you typically park your car in a private driveway rather than in public car parks, you may be able to secure a lower premium. It’s important to compare quotes from different insurers to find the best deal.

Is cosmetic car insurance worth it?

Cosmetic car insurance can be worth it for some drivers, but not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Provides coverage for minor damage to your car’s paint job and bodywork
  • Can help you avoid paying out of pocket for repairs
  • Claims won’t affect your no-claims bonus or raise your premiums
  • Can be convenient, with some repairs done at your home or workplace
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  • Typically only covers minor damage, not major repairs
  • May have limits on the number of claims you can make or the amount of payout you can receive
  • Not all insurers offer cosmetic car insurance
  • The cost of the insurance may not be worth it if you rarely need repairs

Ultimately, whether cosmetic car insurance is worth it for you depends on your individual circumstances and how often you find yourself needing minor repairs.

Where can I find cosmetic car insurance?

To find cosmetic car insurance, you can look for it as an add-on to your existing car insurance policy. You can use a free price comparison service to check if any of your quotes include scratch and dent cover. Although Comparoo doesn’t compare standalone cosmetic insurance policies, there are many specialist providers that offer this type of coverage. Additionally, you may be able to purchase cosmetic insurance as an extra when buying a car from a dealership.

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Frequently asked questions

Cosmetic car insurance is a policy that covers minor damages on the exterior of a car such as scuffs, scratches, dents, chips and scrapes. This insurance policy is useful for those who want to protect their car from any damages caused in car parks or other similar situations.

Cosmetic repair insurance is an insurance policy that covers the cost of repairing minor cosmetic damages to your vehicle, such as small dents, scratches, and scuffs.

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