Is Car Insurance Cheaper if you’re Married?

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Car Insurance Is Cheaper When Married

There are many benefits to marriage, and interestingly, one of them might be a reduction in your car insurance premiums. Here’s why.

Does being married lower car insurance?

Typically, yes, married people often benefit from cheaper car insurance rates.

Why is this the case? Data has consistently shown that married couples and families tend to file fewer pricey claims compared to their unmarried counterparts. This lower risk profile often prompts insurance companies to offer more competitive rates to those who are married.

Being Married Can Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Remarkably, this potential reduction in rates applies even if you belong to a category generally deemed as ‘high risk’ by insurance providers.

For instance, if you’re a young driver under 25—a group often subjected to higher premiums due to their relative inexperience on the road—marriage could lead to a favourable reassessment of your rates.

The same holds true if you own a luxury vehicle with high repair or replacement costs, or if you live in an area with higher crime statistics. After tying the knot, it’s possible to see a decrease in your insurance premiums in such scenarios.

However, remember that marriage isn’t a magic solution to all insurance woes. If your driving record is tarnished with penalty points or made a claim in the past, merely changing your marital status might not overshadow those prior infractions.

While marriage can be a factor, your overall driving history will remain paramount in determining your insurance costs.

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What if we’re a couple but not married?

Being in a committed relationship and sharing a home can sometimes mirror the benefits married couples experience with insurance premiums.

If you and your partner live together at the same address, certain insurance providers might consider this domestic arrangement similar to marriage, potentially adjusting your car insurance rates favourably.

Couple Not Married Car Insurance

However, as always, context is crucial. Should your driving record or insurance history contain blemishes, simply being part of a cohabiting couple may not guarantee reduced premiums. Past infractions can still weigh heavily in the calculations of your insurance rates.

Regardless of marital status, it’s vital to keep your insurer informed. If you change addresses, especially when moving in with a partner, ensure this is updated in your insurance records.

Additionally, if your relationship progresses to marriage, inform your insurance provider so they can reassess and adjust your policy accordingly.

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How can I get cheap car insurance when married?

Many married couples often share cars, which leads to the common practice of adding each other to their respective insurance policies.

Introducing a named driver to your policy distributes the risk, especially if the added driver has a good driving record with many years of no-claims bonuses. This could potentially reduce your premiums, as the cumulative time any one driver spends on the road gets reduced.

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However, a word of caution: if your partner has a history of claims or is generally perceived as a high-risk driver by insurance companies, incorporating them into your policy might actually increase its cost. Their previous records indicate a higher likelihood of future incidents, thus elevating the perceived risk.

Married Couple Add Each Other As Named Drivers

Don’t commit ‘fronting’

Reducing car insurance costs might tempt some to game the system, but it’s crucial to tread carefully. If you declare someone as the primary driver of a car to get a cheaper rate, even though they aren’t the one predominantly using the vehicle, you’re engaging in a fraudulent practice known as ‘fronting‘.

This isn’t a mere loophole; it’s an illegal act. If caught, the consequences can be severe. Your insurance can be nullified, leaving you exposed financially in case of accidents.

Car Insurance Fronting Is Illegal

Moreover, there’s the looming risk of legal repercussions, including potential court proceedings. Always ensure the designated main driver on the policy is indeed the person who frequently uses the car. It’s better to pay a slightly higher premium than to risk severe penalties.

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How getting married affects your no-claims discount

When couples share a car, only one of them can be designated as the main driver, and it’s this person who stands to lose their no-claims bonus in the event of an accident. Named drivers, even though they can operate the vehicle, don’t accrue a no-claims discount on the policy.

This often leads to strategic decisions. For instance, if one partner has a cleaner driving record with fewer claims, it might make sense to list them as the primary driver to maximise the no-claims discount potential.

For couples who’ve both accumulated impressive no-claims discounts, there’s a way to preserve those benefits: alternating the main driver designation each year. The logic is simple.

Car Insurance No Claims Impacted When Married

A no-claims bonus remains valid for up to two years when you’re not insured. Therefore, by switching roles annually, both individuals can maintain their respective discounts.

However, this strategy demands genuine role reversal. Merely altering the title of ‘main driver’ on paperwork without actually shifting driving responsibilities can be deemed as ‘fronting‘—a fraudulent act.

‘Fronting’ is not a light matter; it’s a violation that can result in policy invalidation and potential legal consequences. To legitimately maintain each person’s no-claims discount, ensure that the listed main driver truly does assume the primary driving responsibilities for that policy term.

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How can I get cheap car insurance if I’m not married?

Walking down the aisle isn’t the sole path to cheap car insurance, and even marriage doesn’t always guarantee reduced rates.

Top Tips For Getting Cheap Car Insurance When You Are Not Married

Whether single or in a relationship, here are ways to potentially lower your car insurance costs:

  • Car Selection Matters – Cars fall into different insurance groups, ranging from 1 to 50. Typically, cars in the lower group numbers are cheaper to insure.

  • Security – Equip your vehicle with approved security systems and immobilisers. The location of your car’s nightly parking spot can also influence rates. The safer the spot, the better the premium.

  • Accurate Mileage – Provide an accurate estimate of your annual mileage when applying. Overestimating can sometimes bump you into a higher premium bracket.

  • Annual Payments – If feasible, pay for your insurance annually. Monthly installments often come with added interest and administration fees, making them costlier in the long run.

  • Telematics ‘Black Box’ – For younger drivers, especially those under 25, telematics insurance can be brilliant. This ‘black box’ monitors driving habits, and responsible driving can lead to substantial savings.

  • No-Claims Bonus – Dedication pays. Building a solid no-claims history over the years is a proven method to cut down on car insurance costs.

  • Increase Your Excess – By voluntarily opting for a higher excess, you can often reduce your premiums. However, be certain that the chosen excess remains within your financial comfort zone in case of a claim.

  • Compare car insurance quotes – Platforms like Comparoo allow users to quickly compare cheap car insurance quotes from numerous insurance providers. By comparing over 110 of the UK’s leading insurance companies, Comparoo ensures you get the most competitive quote available.

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Remember, every individual’s circumstances vary, and what works for one might not work for another. It’s always wise to compare the best car insurance deals periodically to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

How much can you save on your car insurance?

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Frequently asked questions

While there isn’t a specific “joint car insurance” tailored for married couples, the most similar arrangement is to include your spouse as a named driver on your policy, and they can do the same for you on theirs.

Yes, being married doesn’t obligate couples to share a car insurance policy.

Each partner can hold a separate policy for their respective vehicles. The choice to include one another as named drivers lies with the individual policyholder.

When using platforms like Comparoo to compare car insurance, you’ll be prompted to indicate your marital status. While it’s rare for insurers to request marriage verification upfront, it’s wise to be ready in case they do.

Should you tie the knot while an existing policy is active, it’s imperative to inform your insurance provider. In such situations, they might request documentation verifying the marriage and may charge an administrative fee for updating your policy.

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