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Women'S Car Insurance

When it comes to driving, women tend to have a better safety record than men, which used to translate into lower car insurance premiums. However, a 2012 EU regulation prohibited insurers from using gender as a factor in setting motor insurance rates.

Fortunately, there are still many affordable options for women drivers. By maintaining a clean driving record and accruing a solid no-claims discount, you can still find great deals on car insurance by comparing different providers.

What car insurance cover do women need?

There are three main types of car insurance that women should consider:

  • Third-party insurance is the minimum legal requirement, covering any injury or damage you may cause to others.
  • Third-party, fire, and theft insurance provides the same coverage as third-party insurance, but also includes protection in case your car is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive car insurance provides the most extensive coverage, including everything in third-party, fire, and theft insurance, and also covering damage to your car and protecting you as the driver.

Can women drivers get cheaper car insurance than men?

Historically, women drivers have been considered less of a risk to insure than men due to their safer driving habits, resulting in lower car insurance premiums. However, the European Court of Justice’s gender ruling of 2012 prohibited insurance providers from using gender as a factor when calculating car insurance rates.

Despite this change, there are still several factors that can affect the cost of car insurance premiums for both men and women. These include age, type of car driven, no-claims bonus, and overnight parking location.

For women drivers who have accumulated a good driving record, maintained a clean driving history, and built up a strong no-claims bonus, there are still affordable options available by shopping around and comparing rates.

Additionally, some insurance providers offer policies with specific benefits for women, such as added protection for personal belongings or discounts for female-focused breakdown services.

Women’s car insurance for young drivers

If you’re a young woman looking for car insurance, your age is an important factor that affects the cost of your coverage. Usually, drivers under 25 pay more than drivers over 25 because they have less experience driving and are more likely to have an accident. People over 50, on the other hand, often pay less because they are seen as less risky.

To save money on your car insurance, it’s a good idea to compare different policies from different companies. You might also consider getting a black box insurance policy, which tracks your driving habits and rewards safe driving with lower premiums. Adding an experienced driver to your policy or choosing a less powerful car can also help lower your rates.

Remember that as you gain more experience driving and maintain a good driving record, you may be able to reduce your premiums over time. Safe driving habits, avoiding accidents, and building up a no-claims bonus can all help you save money on car insurance in the long run.

How much can you save on your car insurance?

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Are there benefits to taking out a policy for women?

Although gender-based car insurance policies are no longer available, some insurance providers offer policies with benefits and add-ons that women drivers may find particularly useful. These include:

  • Priority breakdown service – Some providers offer breakdown services with added protection for women who are driving alone in remote or potentially dangerous areas, or for parents with young children in the car. This can provide added peace of mind for women who may feel vulnerable in certain situations.
  • Handbag and contents cover – This type of coverage offers protection for your handbag and its contents in case it’s stolen from your car or damaged in an accident. This can be especially helpful for women who often carry valuable items in their handbags, such as wallets, phones, or laptops.
  • Child car seat cover – Parents who regularly drive with young children may benefit from car seat cover add-ons, which provide protection against damage in the event of an accident or theft. This can help parents save money on replacing car seats, which can be costly.

It’s worth noting that these benefits are not exclusive to women and are available to all drivers, regardless of gender. However, women drivers may find them particularly useful and may wish to consider policies that offer these types of add-ons.

What optional extras may be worth considering?

In addition to standard car insurance coverage, there are several optional extras that drivers may want to consider. These extras come with an additional cost, but can provide added protection and peace of mind. Here are a few examples:

  • Personal accident cover – This type of coverage provides compensation in the event of death or serious injury caused by a car accident. While no amount of money can compensate for loss of life or serious injury, this type of coverage can help alleviate financial stress during a difficult time.
  • Courtesy car cover – If your car is out of action due to an accident or other issue, courtesy car coverage provides you with a replacement vehicle. This can be a useful add-on for those who rely heavily on their car for daily activities such as commuting or running errands.
  • Breakdown cover – If your car breaks down, breakdown coverage can provide assistance to help you get back on the road. This can include services such as roadside assistance, towing, and repairs.
  • Legal expenses insurance – This type of coverage can help cover legal costs if you’re involved in an accident and a claim is made by you or another driver. This can include costs such as legal fees, court costs, and other related expenses.

It’s important to note that while these add-ons can provide added protection and peace of mind, they may already be included in your policy. Be sure to check your policy details and compare coverage options to determine which extras, if any, are worth considering for your specific needs.

How can I find the cheapest car insurance for women?

Finding the cheapest car insurance for women can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that you’re not overpaying for your coverage. Here are some effective strategies to help you find the best rates:

  1. Increase your voluntary excess – When you increase your voluntary excess, you agree to pay a higher amount of money towards any claim you make. This often results in lower premiums, but make sure you can afford the excess in case of a claim.

  2. Pay for your insurance in one go – While monthly installments might seem convenient, you’ll usually be charged interest, which can add up over time. Paying upfront for your insurance can save you money in the long run.

  3. Limit the number of miles you drive – Driving fewer miles could lower the risk of you having an accident and potentially reduce your car insurance premium. Be honest when estimating your annual mileage, but set it as low as possible.

  4. Improve your car’s security – Installing an approved alarm or immobiliser can deter car thieves, and some insurance providers offer security discounts. Speak to your insurance provider beforehand to see if they offer a security discount.

  5. Consider black box insuranceBlack box insurance involves installing a small device in your car or downloading an app that tracks your driving habits. If you drive safely, you may be rewarded with cheaper premiums.

  6. Shop around – Don’t settle for the first car insurance policy you find. Compare different policies from various providers with us to find the best deal for you. 

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Where can I compare cheap car insurance for women?

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance for women, our car insurance comparison service is an excellent place to begin. We independently compare various car insurance providers in the UK to help you find the best deal for your needs.

Our service takes into account the price, level of coverage, add-ons, and payment options (annual or monthly) to provide a comprehensive comparison. This means you can compare car insurance policies quickly and easily to find the right one for you.

With our car insurance comparison service, you can save time and money by comparing car insurance policies in minutes. Start by entering your details and requirements, and we’ll do the rest to provide you with the best car insurance options available for women.

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Frequently asked questions

There are insurance providers that specialise in car insurance for women, but they originated before the 2012 European Court of Justice ruling.

These providers used to offer cheaper car insurance to women because they were statistically safer drivers than men. However, the ruling now requires these providers to offer insurance for men too.

Several factors can influence the cost of car insurance for women, regardless of their gender. These include:

The amount of risk that insurance providers consider you to be based on your driving habits and history also plays a crucial role in determining your premium.

You can add your partner or child as a named driver to your car insurance policy. If your partner has a good driving history, it may reduce the cost of your premium.

Adding your child to your policy can also help them avoid the high premiums typically charged to inexperienced drivers. However, it could increase your premium as younger drivers are seen as a higher risk by insurance providers.

As the policyholder, ensure that you do most of the driving to avoid car insurance fronting, which is illegal.

Gender cannot legally affect car insurance premiums as providers are prohibited from discriminating based on gender. However, car pricing data suggests that women tend to pay lower premiums on average than men.

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